GOVR is a Brighton-based VR cafe located in on the first floor above Presuming Ed’s Coffee House. We aim to make it easy and affordable for everybody to enjoy virtual reality to its fullest. We believe that‘s the best way to leap forward.

Here’s our story, in a nutshell


We ran the first Brighton Virtual Reality Gaming Night in early 2017

GOVR started out in early 2017 as the Brighton Virtual Reality Gaming Night. Once a month, we’d carry our personal computers and two VR headsets to a local pub and invite curious pub-goers, gamers and developers to join us for a night of drinks and VR gaming.


We open GOVR cafe to Brighton and the world in spring 2019

After running countless pop up events in over 18 venues across Brighton, and making lots of lovely friends along the way, we finally found a home for GOVR above Presuming Ed’s Coffee House.

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What’s next?

We’re not sure yet, but we bet it’ll be exciting!


We launched GOVR in the summer of 2017

Encouraged by the people who enjoyed our events and the greater than expected demand for affordable and inclusive VR, we decided to setup GOVR in the summer of 2017. Over the next two years, we would build GOVR bit by bit - headset by headset - and crystalise the three rules that define GOVR: make it easy, make it affordable, make it social.


What’s GOVR’s three-rules approach?

Over the past two years, we’ve learned a lot about what gives people the best experiences in VR. We sum it up in three simple rules which we apply to everything we do.

Make it easy.

We make sure you can jump straight into exhilarating experiences without having to deal with any cumbersome setups or distractions.

Make it affordable.

For most people, high costs remain a barrier to accessing high quality pc-powered VR experiences which means the future of VR is being shaped without them. That doesn’t sit right with us. We get clever about how we operate so that our customers can play more for less.

Make it social.

The only thing better than fighting off a zombie horde is fighting off a zombie horde with your friends. We focus on inclusive, multiplayer experiences that bring out the social side of virtual reality. It’s not just about what happens in the headset; players outside the headsets can join in the fun too.