A launch party for Loco Dojo


We were approached in GOVR’s first month of operation by Make Real, a local award-winning software company, about whether we wanted to help celebrate the launch of Loco Dojo on Steam. Being big fans of Loco Dojo which had launched on the Oculus Store a few months prior, the opportunity was a no brainer for us.

A big focus for us at GOVR is bringing out the social aspects of virtual reality. It’s not just about sharing virtual worlds together but mixing virtual and real worlds together as well. We often feature multiplayer games at our events or find interesting ways to make a single player virtual reality experience engaging beyond the headset. In many ways, Loco Dojo, a Brighton-made party themed multiplayer VR game, captures and perfects the things we love about virtual reality.

We organised a public launch party at the Prince Albert in Brighton where people were invited to play Loco Dojo and even got a chance to compete against members of the Make Real team. We featured two HTC Vives and one Oculus Rift to celebrate the cross-platform compatibility of the game.

Over 70 people joined us to play Loco Dojo. Players got to compete in multiplayers matches against each other as well as against online players from across the world. The event was streamed live on Facebook. Sam Watts, Director of Immersive Technologies at Make Real, joined in the fun and offered anybody who can beat him a free drink. There was so much enthusiasm at the event that we extended the party for another two hours up until the pub’s closing time!

We’re always looking to bring virtual reality to new audiences and often one of the best ways to do that is to work together with the people behind the games or people just as excited about virtual reality as we are. We got to do all that at our launch party for Loco Dojo and have a great time at it. Find out more about how we can organise a launch party for you.

Gianandrea Manfredi