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Formula 1 - Race through the ages in VR - Brighton Digital Festival

  • GOVR cafe 114-115 London Road Brighton United Kingdom (map)

From 1967 to modern day, see and feel the evolution of Formula 1 racing in VR

Take the wheel of four iconic Formula 1 cars from four different decades for a hands-on virtual tour of the history of Formula 1 racing.

Using a true-to-life VR racing rig - complete with state-of-the-art steering wheel and pedals - you’ll get to drive professionally simulated virtual carbon-copies of the 1967 Lotus 49, the 1972 Lotus 72, the 1986 Lotus 98t and a modern 2012 Formula 1 racing car. Led by our VR racing instructor, you’ll learn about the history behind each car and feel the evolution of Formula 1 for yourself.

The Cars


1967 Lotus 49
This iconic Formula 1 car is memorable for many things, from the fact that it was driven by one of the GOATs, Jim Clark, to the fact that it used the engine as a load bearing structure (to this day F1 cars are still built like that) but perhaps most of all, it marked the introduction of the Cosworth DFV V8 an engine that was used in anger from 1967 to 1985 and its variants making its way into a host of different cars.


1972 Lotus 72
This iconic car is responsible for the introduction of inboard brakes to the sport as well as comprehensive aero packages and the familiar wedge shape. The car was also the first to introduce side pods and an overhead snorkel increasing aerodynamic efficiency and helping to make this car the most successful Formula 1 racing car in history, retaining its competitiveness until 1975. Among its laurels, Emmerson Fitipaldi succeeded in becoming the youngest F1 champion! A record he held for 33 years until Fernando Alonso took the title in 2005.


1986 Lotus 98t
Step into the Turbo era where a lightning-fast sport got even faster! This era was represented by even better aerodynamic performance than before helping improve stability and reduce car crashes, and massive power outputs from small engines. This car was driven by Ayrton Senna and could output well in excess of 1,200 bhp in qualifying-trim making it the most powerful F1 car in history! It was the first car to introduce a six-speed manual gearbox and a game-changing microcomputer. Weighing just 540 kg, this car feel like a rocket!

Formula A.png

2012 Formula A
The last car you will race is a formula car based around the 2012 Formula 1 regulations. While producing only 750 bhp, this car will by far be the fastest car you drive. With modern technology like a hybrid drive providing an extra boost of 150 bhp and a movable rear flap to lower air resistance and increase straight line speed, this car will provide a perfect end to your history tour. You will notice improvements in cornering speed thanks to the comprehensive aero package modern Formula cars use and improved braking. Despite having lower top speeds than that of the Turbo era, the modern advances powering your car will make you faster around the track.

Date and times

‘Formula 1 - Race through the ages in VR’ is a weekend long event running on 19 and 20 October as part of the Brighton Digital Festival. This experience has a duration time of 1 hour, with 10 minutes of driving time allocated to each car.

How many people can share a time slot?

Each time slot can be booked for 1 to 2 people. If the timeslot is shared among 2 people, each person will have 5 minutes of driving time on each car instead of 10 minutes. The price of the time slot is the same whether booked for 1 or 2 people.

This event is part of the Brighton Digital Festival 2019.