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VR Sim Racing Weekend

  • GOVR cafe 114-115 London Road Brighton United Kingdom (map)

Pedal to the metal, pure racing realism.


For one weekend, GOVR invites you to feel the full force of true-to-life VR racing. Take the wheel of professionally simulated and tested real-world cars from a variety of classes and eras, and race on virtual carbon-copies of the world’s most exhilarating race tracks.

Using an industry-grade, ultra-responsive set of steering wheel and pedals, you’ll experience high-precision VR racing with atmospheric conditions and weather physics that affect vehicle performance and handling in real-time. Our VR racing instructor will show you the ropes of VR racing and help you take the chequered flag. This isn’t a coin-operated, arcade game. This is pure racing realism.

Please note that VR racing can be a more intense and a less comfortable VR experience for some people than other experiences available at GOVR cafe.

Four packages are available during this VR Sim Racing Weekend:


Just Race

Full race experience complete with practice, qualifiers and 20-car racing. Choose from a variety of classes and legendary race tracks.

1 hour - £20


Road to F1

Become a Formula 1 racing champion. With the help of our VR racing instructor, you’ll go hands-on with the ultimate machines in motorsport and master the ins and outs of Formula 1 racing.

1.5 hours - £28


Hypercar test drive

Step into the world’s elite, high performance sportscars - authentically recreated in VR with uncompromising detail.

30 min - £12


Le Mans Endurance Race

Put your willpower and strength to the test in this grain-to-pixel perfect simulation of the world’s oldest and most prestigious endurance race. Scale down the 24-hour race to the duration of your choosing and experience full day to night transition - with a chance of rain and thunder!

Different lengths - £10 per 30 minutes