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GOVR lab services


Player testing

Does it float? If you’re looking to get user and player testing feedback on your VR game or experience, we can help you organise testing sessions at our VR café. Testing sessions can be run privately, with privately invited testers, or publicly, with our café visitors. This is a great opportunity to see your product perform in the real world and to get hands-on feedback, particularly for studios with a small budget or those looking to do some early phase testing of their own. With a wide spectrum of hardware configurations you can test user experience accross multiple use scenarios. Get in touch to learn more.


Game launch

Launch your game with a big Brightonian bang! We’ll organise a bespoke launch party for your game at our VR cafe, helping give your marketing campaign a physical rally point to amplify your reach and impact. We’ll promote your launch party and game on our website and social media, invite our press contacts in the region and the VR sector to the party and help you connect with our YouTube celebrity contacts. This is also a great opportunity to collect photos, videos, user testimonies, social media stories and other assets to use in the future. We can also help arrange drinks packages with Presuming Eds, which serves beer on tap, cans and hot drinks all night. Get in touch to learn more.



Flexible working

We’re currently speaking with local independent developers, artists and researchers about what they would want from a flexible working space programme at GOVR café. The programme will include access to our VR headsets, computers and rooms plus regular meetups and opportunities to showcase works and collaborate with others. If this is something you’d be interested in joining, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you about how a flexible working programme at GOVR café could most benefit you. Get in touch to learn more.



Course instructors

We’re looking for course instructors to put on a variety of VR courses and workshops at GOVR café. Our aim is to make it easy and affordable for everybody to enjoy virtual reality – that means making it easy and affordable to create in virtual reality too. Whether you’d like to teach game development in unity or lead a painting workshop in TiltBrush, get in touch to learn more. Get in touch to learn more.