Let's bring virtual reality to you

Whether you want to fight gladiators at your wedding, pilot spaceships at your company retreat or transform your exhibition into a magical wonderland, we design your virtual reality event the way you want it.

Here’s how GOVR does virtual reality differently.


GOVR Rule #1
Make it easy.

Our light and lean approach allows us to bring you all the things that make for the richest virtual reality experiences with zero hassle.

We flexibly adapt to your space and your requirements, taking up as little room as possible and blending in neatly with your event.


GOVR Rule #2
Make it



For most people, high costs remain a barrier to enjoying high quality virtual reality which means the future of virtual reality is being shaped by a few. That doesn’t sit right with us at GOVR.

We offer unmatched, competively low rates so everybody can enjoy virtual reality.


GOVR Rule #3
Make it social.

The only thing better than fighting off a zombie horde is fighting off a zombie horde with your friends.

We focus on inclusive, multiplayer experiences that
bring out the social side of virtual reality. It’s not just
about what happens in the headset; players outside the headsets can also play together with players in headsets.


What our customers have said



“Can't recommend highly enough, will definitely be using GOVR again.”


The Barge

“The session was great fun. The staff explained everything clearly and patiently.”



"The GOVR team were extremely professional,
prompt, tidy."


Whatever virtual reality experience you have in mind, whatever space you want to bring it to, we can make it happen. Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you.

For more information about GOVR's hire service, check our FAQ or drop us an email.

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