GOVR does VR gaming differently.

Playing in VR is incredible, but we tend to have the most fun in VR when we forget we’re in VR. Our pub and café based events offer rich and rewarding gameplay experiences that take that initial wow-I’m-in-VR rush we get whenever we put on a headset and build it into something spectacular and just down right fun.

Upcoming events

What games do you feature?

We don't play when it comes to choosing what we play, which means the games you step into at our gaming events are some of the best VR games available. We keep a wide and diverse selection of games which we're always updating. You can find a list of some of the big title games we are currently featuring below. If you'd like us to feature a game you don't see on our list below, let us know by emailing us at

Some of the games we have on now

For a full list of games featured at an event, check the individual event's page.

Some of the games we've had in the past

Want us to bring back your favourites? Let us know at