Book a headset, drop in or take part in our gaming nights and tournaments – all at GOVR’s signature-low prices.

We’ve got a wide mix of top-notch single and multiplayer games you can really sink your teeth into. From zombie shooters to brain teasers, there’s something for everyone.

There are 4 VR headsets available at the cafe. Each VR headset can be shared by a maximum of 4 people. Pricing is per headset not player, so you can book one headset and share it in a group to split the cost. Book more than one headset to play multiplayer VR games together!

VR games are available for ages 7 and above. Scroll down to view our full games library. Once your hour is up, you can keep playing at our £15 per hour pay-as-you-play rate, assuming nobody else has booked the headset after you. So, if you play another 20 minutes, you’ll pay another £5 at the end of your session (at the counter in the cafe).

£15 per hour
per headset

(£10 per hour on Tenner Tuesdays)

(yes, you can share a headset in a group)


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If you’re under 16, a student or a senior citizen, enter discount code “concessions” when booking to get 10% off your ticket. Please bring proof of eligibility on the day of attendance. We offer a compass card discount.

If you have trouble viewing the booking form, click here to go to the booking page on Design My Night.

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