Rakuten summer event at Stamner House, Brighton

GOVR was hired to provide VR entertainment for the 100 attendees taking part in Rakuten’s summer corporate event. Having seen one of our pub events in Brighton before, Richard Moore, Senior Client Manager at Rakuten, was interested in our no fuss no fluff approach to VR setups as well as our focus on social experiences. The VR play areas needed to be setup in the same room as the buffet and dining area which meant our setup had to be light and lean in order to operate smoothly in the available area without imposing on the other activity taking place in the room as well as provide players with plenty of space to move around freely and comfortably.

After speaking with Richard about the experiences they were looking for, we provided a list of VR games that focused on multiplayer experiences. These included the co-op game Arizona Sunshine, where players must work together to fend off waves of zombies and the hilarious player vs player game Bombu where players must knock each other off of platforms hovering 1000ft up in the sky. Richard had the option to mix and match from our list of games to get a combination of games that met budget requirements and offered the variety of experiences desired.

The day proved to be a great success. We got a mix of people that included people who had played VR before and those who hadn’t. We made sure they all had a good time and helped them choose experiences they would enjoy. We ourselves had a splendid time at the Rakuten event and look forward to working with Richard and the team again.

What they said…

“From the off Mark and the team were very helpful, very flexible, and very easy to work with. We changed the timings of the event at the last-minute due to weather. They were brilliant and accommodated the change with no effort.

“The party was attended by about 100 people, from ages 6-60 attending, and everyone who had a go thoroughly enjoyed the games. The selection is very varied, and has everything to accommodate every need. There were games the kids could play, games beginner gamers could play, and other games for the more advanced gamer, so all needs were catered for.

“The VR itself was fantastic, it having been my first go I was surprised at how good it is, and at how immersive the experience is.

“If only I could have had more time.

“Can't recommend highly enough, will definitely be using GOVR again.”


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